Cornell University

Cornell Career Services Locations

Career Services in Barnes Hall

103/210 Barnes Hall
8:00 am—4:30 pm (MF)
Room 103 is accessible from the southwest side of the building, off Hoy Plaza;
room 210 is accessible from the east side of the building.

Administration (103)
Rebecca Sparrow, Executive Director
Leslie Kurtz, Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

Career Education and Advising (103 and 210)
Sheri Mahaney, Manager of Career Education and Advising
TBD, Assistant Director for Internships and Alumni Volunteer Programs
Anne Poduska, Graduate and International Student Career Advisor
Emily McFarland, Administrative Assistant, Career Education and Advising Unit
Craig Jones, Program Assistant
Rita Boratav, Career Development Specialist: Information Services Advisor

Employer Relations (210)
Demetra Dentes, Senior Associate Director
TBD, Manager of Employment Services
Mary Ellen Murphy, Employer Scheduling Coordinator and Barnes Hall Recruiting Coordinator
Chris Vlahos, Recruiting Assistant
CCNet/Job Posting Coordinator

Fellowship Advising Program (103)
Beth Fiori, Fellowship Coordinator
Cheryl Littell, Fellowship Program Associate and Building Coordinator

Health Careers Advising (103)
Lauren O'Neil, Career Development Specialist: Health Careers
Kristine Goggan, Health Careers Administrative Assistant

Health Careers Evaluation Committee (210)
Doug Lockwood, Manager, Health Careers and Credentials
TBD, Chairperson, Health Careers Evaluation Committee (HCEC)
Jeremy Richards, HCEC Records Coordinator

Prelaw and Graduate Studies Advising (103)
Jane Levy
, Senior Associate Director
Kristine Goggan, Pre-Law and Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant

Agriculture and Life Sciences Career Development

140 Roberts Hall
8:00 am—5:00 pm (M—Th), 8:00 am—4:00 pm (F)
East side entrances is accessible.
CALS Career Development

Laurie Gillespie, Senior Associate Director
Jennifer DeRosa, Associate Director
Steve Shaum, Associate Director
Jo-Lynn Buchanan, Recruiting Coordinator/Office Manager

Architecture, Art, and Planning

AAP Connect
Jennifer Micale, Director
B1 West Sibley Hall
8:00 am—5:00 pm (M—F)
AAP Architecture Art Planning

Career Services
103 Barnes Hall
8:00 am—4:30 pm (M—F)

Arts and Sciences Career Services

55 Goldwin Smith Hall
8:00 am—4:30 pm (M—F)
A&S Career Services

Christa Downey, Assistant Dean and Director
Diane Miller, Assistant Director
Ana Adinolfi, Career Counselor
Amanda Berman, Administrative Assistant

Engineering Cooperative Education and Career Services

201 Carpenter Hall
8:00 am—4:30 pm (M—F)
Building is accessible through lower-level doors on Campus Road side.
Engineering Cooperative Education and Career Services

Mark Savage, Director
Kimberlee Swartz, Associate Director, Engineering Co-op
Nadia Dovi, Assistant Director
Tracey Brant, Kessler Fellows Program
Jennifer Soprano Employer Relations/Recruiting Coordinator
Cynda Farnham, Student and Administrative Services Assistant
Julie Trescott, Engineering Co-op Assistant

Graduate School

210 Barnes Hall
Anne Poduska, Graduate and International Student Career Advisor

Professional Development

392 Caldwell Hall

Christine Holmes, Director of Post Doctoral Studies

Hotel Administration Career Management

180 Statler Hall

8:00 am—4:30 pm (M—Th), 8:00 am—3:30 pm (F)
All Statler Hall entrances are accessible.
Hotel Career Management

Kristin LiBritz, Director of Career Management
TBD, Associate Director Graduate Programs
Curtis Ferguson, Associate Director of Student Services and Coordinator of Multicultural Programs
Phil Greenberg, Associate Director of Real Estate Career Management
Shawn Meyer, Assistant Director of Student Services
Pam Davis-Acey, Assistant Director of Career Management and Undergraduate Advisor
Ann Marie Kaminski, Recruiting Coordinator
Lindsey White, Student Services and Career Day Coordinator

Human Ecology Career Development

172 MVR
8:00 am—4:30 pm (M—F)
Human Ecology Career Development

Darryl Scott, Director, Admissions, Student and Career Services
Paula Jacobs, Senior Associate Director
Deanne Maxwell, Associate Director
Chauquita Bailor, Administrative Assistant

Industrial and Labor Relations Career Services

201 Ives Hall

8:00 am—4:30 pm (M—F)
The Tower Road and Courtyard entrances are accessible.
Office of Career Services

Regina Duffey Moravek, Director
Anu Lyons, Associate Director
Jamie Canfield, Assistant Director
Marcia Harding Zeller, Assistant Director
Dottie Carlson, Recruiting Coordinator
Sarah Brewer, Administrative Assistant