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Winter Break and Career Development

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

By Greg Foster

Aaahhh . . . Winter break. Time to exhale, slow down, and reflect on the highlights of Fall semester at Cornell. But, thoughts of stimulating classes and campus activities may lead a student to wonder—where is all of this heading?

While a break from the rigors of study is a great time to just do nothing, relaxation often sets the stage for dreaming, delving, and discovering. The time between the last final and the first spring semester lecture can provide an opportunity to contemplate goals and explore options.

Some students consider investigating personal strengths, interests, and values. Others may wish to meditate on a list of people to add to their career development community.   

Fortunately, Cornellians can access tools to grok this process. For self-discovery, a CliftonStrengths assessment may be just the thing. Those who have completed the assessment can dive into their list of 34 themed strengths and consider fields suggested. Those who haven’t yet tried an assessment can schedule one, with Cornell Career Services or career services offices across campus, for the spring semester.

If it’s time to explore options, then networking, information interviews, and job shadowing opportunities can be part of winter break. Resources to connect students to the powerful Cornell alumni network, including CUeLINKS and the Alumni Connections Program, can be found at the Cornell Career Services website.

When the opportunity to network arises, students can prepare by reviewing what they’ve learned while attending networking information sessions hosted by career services offices on campus. Additionally, some of Cornell Career Services’ best tips are discussed in this webinar.

Relax and enjoy winter break! When thoughts turn to the future, Cornell’s career services offices are ready to help! 

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