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Graduate and Professional Schools

We invite you to explore the Information on graduate and professional studies/fellowships which is available in the Career Paths area of this website or by following one of the links below:

  • Applying to Graduate School—timetable; admissions criteria; graduate degrees; steps for choosing a graduate program; graduate admissions tests; letters of recommendation; etc.
  • National Examination Test Dates—GRE, LSAT, Foreign Service, MCAT, MAT, VCAT etc.
  • Law School—determining where to apply; understanding admissions criteria; considering admissions decisions; etc.
  • Health Careers—human medicine, veterinary medicine, and health-related careers
  • Clinical & Counseling Psychology—considering a career in the field; admission factors; recommended courses; resources
  • Credentials Service—letters of recommendation
  • Fellowships—prestigious awards for graduate study