Cornell University


The main career library, 103 Barnes Hall, serves all Cornell students. It is one of the largest in the country, consisting of approximately 605 books, 518 websites, MP3s, and paper files of career development resources; information on law schools, medical schools, and other graduate programs; and test prep materials. There are three kiosks for conducting library database searches in 103 Barnes Hall as well as a media room for accessing the web, printing information, and using other media. Hours are 8:00 am—4:30 pm, Monday—Friday, year-round. Numerous additional on-line resources can be found in the Link Library.

Also, each College Career Office has a career library with resources relating specifically to the academic offerings of that college. Several have career library databases (see the links below).

Other Helpful Resources

  • Career Insider (powered by Vault) (current students only)
    Access resources to explore a variety of professions/industries; search and apply for jobs and internships; and learn how to craft effective application materials. Review the downloadable VAULT Guides to broaden your knowledge on a myriad of topics including consulting, law, finance, interviewing, graduate schools, top employers, and more!
  • JGSM (Management School) Library
    Access over 70 databases such as Hoovers, CareerSearch, and Factiva to review comprehensive company profiles, create lists of potential employers, and stay current on global and business news.

  • LinkedIn
    LinkedIn is a valuable tool for networking with Cornell alumni and others, exploring careers, and searching for jobs and internships. Review resources available about networking, building a profile, using an alumni tool, and other topics. Also informative is a LinkedIn blog; for example, in the blog are results of a data- mining project that show common career transitions, starting from a particular job title. Stay up to date on industry news and career advice through LinkedIn Pulse: you can browse through the top posts or receive more tailored information by following channels or top LinkedIn influencers.