Cornell University

Managing Students

Using your employer username and password in Cornell Handshake, you can review your job description, note deadlines, and track the status of resume submissions and interview sign-ups.

The Cornell Handshake system allows you to:

  • View and print cover letters and resumes (and/or other documents specified in your job description) of students who are applying for the position.
  • Pre-select candidates for interview schedules and indicate alternate students.
  • Send e-mail notifications to students who have submitted resumes (all students or sub-groups of them).
  • View and print your schedule. Note that schedules can change throughout the student sign-up process, so always check to see if your printed copy is the final schedule.

Pre-select, Open, and Pre-select/Open Schedules

Several formats for the interview schedule are available.

With a Pre-select Schedule, only those students whom an employer has selected online may sign up for an interview. We strongly encourage you to designate as many Pre-selects, plus at least 25% as many Alternates, as you have interview spots. This will assure that you will have a full schedule and make best use of your time on campus.

With a Pre-Select/Open Schedule, you will select students and if the schedule is not full any students in the system who meets the employer's requirements may sign up for an interview.

With an Open Schedule, any student in the system who meets the employer’s requirements may sign up for an interview.

At times you may find it useful to leave open some spaces in an interview schedule for students you meet at career fairs, information sessions, etc. If you prefer this combination schedule, please contact the college or career office recruiting coordinator to discuss this option. If you add a student who has not applied online to the schedule, you should notify the recruiting coordinator and the student must be registered with our system in advance of the interview.