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Who can attend the Career Fair?

The Career Fair is open to all interested Cornell undergraduates and students registered in the Graduate School.

The Career Fair events are strictly limited to Cornell students. Attendees must present a Cornell student identification card.

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Why should I attend the Career Fair...isn't it just for seniors and engineering students?

The Career Fair is for all students in all majors! Although some employers are looking for students with specific majors, many companies are looking for students from any field. You can review the database of participating organizations to determine which employers are interested in students in your major.

Come one or both days, according to your career interests. The first day is geared toward Engineering and Technical interests and the second day—General Interest Day—is primarily for non-technical career interests.

The Career Fair offers an informal setting in which you can:

  • speak with recruiters directly about current and future job or internship opportunities
  • learn about industry trends
  • investigate areas new to you
  • identify companies and industries that are new and growing
  • drop off a resume
  • gather company information to prepare for potential on-campus interviews

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How do I prepare?

Your preparation depends on what your needs are.

  • Research the company through the database of participating organizations and the employer's website (if available). Additional resources are available in the 103 Barnes Hall Library.
  • Prepare an up-to-date resume.
  • Read helpful articles and tips on making career fairs work for you.
  • If you are merely exploring career options, review the database of participating organizations and prepare a few specific questions to ask the recruiters. At the Fair, pick up any available literature.

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What should I wear?

You'll meet with some employers who are wearing suits and with others wearing "business casual" (golf shirts and khaki pants), or even casual. If you want to make a positive impression, be sure to look neat, clean, and presentable. "Dress to impress" is always a good idea! It's often said that employers form an impression within the first 10 seconds of meeting a candidate!

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Are there other career fairs at Cornell?

Yes, there are several other career fairs on campus, as well as other recruiting events that Cornell sponsors. In addition, you should stay informed of recruiting events sponsored by other organizations that are open to Cornell students.

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