Cornell University

Job Search Services

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance
In addition to the information available on preparing these documents, a career or student advisor will review the content and presentation of resumes and job-search correspondence.

Interview Preparation
We offer a wide range of assistance in preparing for interviews, including simulated interviews, in which verbal and nonverbal communication skills are critiqued.

Jobs for Cornellians
A listing of jobs exclusively for Cornell students is updated daily, providing job descriptions and application information for regional, national, and international employers.

Summer Jobs and Internships
Short-term positions—on campus, elsewhere in Ithaca, or away from campus—that can help students clarify career options and gain valuable career-related experience are posted.

On-Campus Recruiting
Over 650 employers, primarily from the corporate sector, visit campus each year to conduct interviews with students for summer and full-time employment.

Other Employment Services

Employer Information Sessions
Employers organize sessions to introduce students to their companies, usually in conjunction with an on-campus recruiting visit. The sessions provide a forum for job seekers to meet potential employers and for undergraduates to learn more about a particular employer or career field.

Employer Career Fairs
Career fairs offer on-campus forums to gather information, develop networks, and meet employers from a variety of sectors, including corporate, environmental, and not-for-profit.

New York Recruiting Consortium
Employers representing banking and finance, consulting, retail, advertising, law, and various other fields interview Arts and Sciences and Human Ecology students in New York City in January.

Communications Consortium
Employers from a variety of career fields within the communications industry interview students from Cornell and four other colleges in April.