Cornell University

Hiring Cornellians

Family members can help us in Cornell Career Services by encouraging their employers to hire our graduates. Even if your son or daughter is not interested in working for your employer, perhaps another graduate will be. And perhaps another student's family member works for your student's top-choice employer and will post a position with us.

The talent pool at Cornell is impressive, with graduates coming from around the globe and having studied one (or more) of over 200 majors offered here. Employers tell us that they like to hire Cornellians because they're analytical, articulate, culturally savvy, focused, hardworking, innovative, motivated, multidimensional, talented, and team-oriented!

We make it easy for employers to reach entry-level candidates, through on-campus interviews, online job postings, recruiting events such as career fairs, resume books, and referrals. Employers can also reach graduates up to five years out of school through the Cornell Handshake system. Have your employer contact us for help in developing a hiring strategy. And if your employer is more interested in experienced hires, Cornell offers access to alumni through the Experience Alumni system.