Cornell University

Project Proposal

Selection committees want to award money to candidates who will use it well. A project proposal or plan of study is often required when a fellowship allows flexibility on how and where awards will be spent.

The project proposal or plan of study is an academic proposal describing:

  • a concrete plan of study or research
  • your goals
  • the facilities or program that will provide you with the means to achieve those goals
  • an elaboration of how qualified you are to achieve those goals
  • a statement describing how your plans for the fellowship fit in with your personal and professional goals

Shaping your project

A strong proposal or plan is well-researched and shows an awareness of current activity in the field. To make sure that your project makes sense for the program or place you have targeted, consult with:

  • facility or academic department you are interested in
  • professors in your field of interest
  • people who have actually studied in the program or place you are targeting
  • people who have carried out similar projects or programs of study

Be sure to show your essay to a faculty advisor in your field before you send off a final version.