Cornell University


Fellowship selection committees are looking for students who spend their time purposefully, creatively, and energetically, not students who do things "just to build a resume."

Your transcript should show both breadth of interest and a certain depth of expertise in at least one field, as evidenced in your choice of courses and in your grades. Your list of activities should show that you are more than "just a bookworm," and that you have varied interests. Positions of leadership in one or more groups, or a clear commitment to a single cause or activity will add weight to your application. Honors and awards, publications, and research offer clear evidence of your intellectual energy and talent, and will make your application stand out.

Your academic and extracurricular record includes the following:

  • a copy of your transcript
  • GRE scores (if required by the fellowship)
  • a list of your principal activities outside of class (clubs, sports, public service, organizational affiliations, etc.)
  • honors and awards
  • publications
  • research