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Issues in Health Care and BioEthics

Students intending to study human medicine need to stay informed on issues related to the practice of medicine. Get in the practice of reading newspapers, journals, blogs, and other media related to these topics.

The following online resources should also help you in your research:

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Bioethics and Other Health-Care Issues
  • Amercian Medical Association: Virtual Mentor

    Virtual Mentor is the American Medical Association's online ethics journal. The journal is open-access and advertisement-free—we strongly believe that ethics education for physicians and physicians-to-be is in the public's interest and should be made available without charge. Founded in 1999, Virtual Mentor (VM) explores the ethical issues and challenges that students, residents, and other physicians are likely to confront in their training and daily practice.

  • American Association for the History of Medicine

    The professional organization for historians of medicine.

  • American Medical Association: Advocacy

    Advocacy issues and links on the American Medical Association website.

  • American Society for Bioethics and Humanities

    Resources for locating information on bioethics and humanities education.

  • Center for Studying Health System Change

    The Center provides analysis about changes in the health care system with the goal of contributing to better health policy.

  • Community Catalyst

    Works to build consumer and community participation in shaping the U.S. health care system.

  • Environmental Health Information Service

    The Environmental Health Information Service is a source for current, peer-reviewed research and news on environmental factors that affect human health.

  • Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC)

    Founded in 1991, Global Health Education Consortium (GHEC) is a non-governmental agency consisting of faculty and health care educators dedicated to global education in health professions schools and residency programs. GHEC members are active in more than 70 health profession schools and training programs in the United States, Canada, Central America, and the Caribbean.

  • Gooznews

    A health wonk's newsletter and blog.

  • Hastings Center

    Reflection on the ethical and social issues of medicine and medical science.

  • Health Affairs

    A policy journal of the health sphere.

  • Health Care for All - Western Europe

    An NPR series details the varied universal coverage health care systems of Western Europe.

  • Health Policy - Robert Wood Johnson Fdn.

    Policy, costs, disparities, prevention, and may other topics explored.

  • Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba

    Medical Education Cooperation with Cuba (MEDICC) is a non-profit organization working to enhance cooperation among the US, Cuban and global health communities aimed at better health outcomes

  • National Rural Health Association

    A national membership organization, whose mission is to improve the health and health care of rural Americans and to provide leadership on rural issues through advocacy, communications, education and research.

  • Office of Minority Health

    The mission of the OMH is to improve and protect the health of racial and ethnic minority populations through the development of health policies and programs that will eliminate health disparities.

  • Physicians for a National Health Program

    A not-for-profit organization of physicians, medical students, and other health care professionals that support a national health insurance (NHI) program.

  • Physicians for Social Responsibility

    A public policy organization representing the medical and public health professions and concerned citizens, working together for nuclear disarmament, a healthful environment, and an end to the epidemic of gun violence.

  • Public Citizen Health Research Group

    A national, nonprofit advocacy organization founded by Ralph Nader in 1971 to pursue health care interests in Congress, the executive branch and the courts.

  • Science Daily

    News and articles on research in health and medicine, mind and brain, and other topics.

  • Street Medicine

    Providing health care to people who live on the streets around the world.

  • Student Doctor

    The Student Doctor Network (SDN) is a nonprofit website, dedicated to the pre-health and health professional student community. Includes med school interview reports.

  • The Next Generation

    Reveals the inner workings of medicine and the medical life. Includes selected materials from The New England Journal of Medicine.

  • The Pump Handle

    A "water cooler" for the public health crowd.

  • The Social Medicine Portal

    A blog and news source calling itself "an alternative to corporate health."

  • U.S. National Library of Medicine

    View historical collections, journals, and videos.

  • University Coalitions for Global Health

    Career profiles, fellowships, and related information on global health work.

  • What is Public Health?

    The place to start when contemplating a career in public health.