Cornell University

HCEC Pre-Registration

The Health Careers Evaluation Committee (HCEC) writes letters of evaluation for Cornell University students who are applying to schools of human medicine (i.e. medical, dental, podiatric, ophthalmologic). The HCEC process, which begins in December, requires thoughtful planning and meaningful reflection. To prepare students for the HCEC process and upcoming professional school applications, undergraduate students (Juniors and Seniors) who plan to register with the HCEC in 2019 (for letter in 2020) will be required to complete the HCEC Pre-Registration checklist.

HCEC Pre-Registration requires students to:

  • Attend three workshops
  • Complete three assignments
  • Complete the "Pre-Registration" checklist

Each of the three workshops will be offered twice to ease scheduling concerns. Students who will not be on campus for the fall 2019 semester (study abroad, urban semester, etc.), and therefore will not be able to attend the workshops, will still complete the Pre-Registration process. Students will be contacted individually about the requirements for the accommodated process.

  1. Workshop #1: Applying to Medical School Introduction to the HCEC Process
    • Wednesday, October 16, 4:45 pm, HEC Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall
    • Thursday, October 17, 4:45 pm, B25 Warren Hall
  2. Workshop #2: Writing for the HCEC
    • Monday, October 28, 4:45 pm, HEC Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall
    • Wednesday, October 30, 4:45 pm, HEC Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall
  3. Workshop #3: Timeline for Medical School Applicants
    • Wednesday, November 13, 4:45 pm, HEC Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall
    • Thursday, November 14, 4:45 pm, G01, Uris Hall

Pre-Registration is not handled by the HCEC but rather by the Health Careers Advisor in Cornell Career Services. The information submitted via the Pre-Registration checklist will only be forwarded to the HCEC to facilitate initial registration. Completed assignments will not be made available to the HCEC. As always, meetings with the advisor will remain confidential

Important Information

  • Students should complete the Pre-Registration checklist the year they plan to register with the HCEC and apply to medical school
    • For example, if a student plans to apply to medical school in June 2020 for matriculation in 2021 they should register with the HCEC in December 2019 and complete the Pre-Registration in the fall 2019 semester.
  • If a student does not complete the pre-registration checklist in the fall 2019 semester, a meeting with the advisor will be required. The student will be required to complete the Pre-Registration requirements prior to being allowed to register with the HCEC.
  • Completion of the Pre-Registration checklist in October and November will allow students to register with the HCEC when it opens on December 1, 2019.