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2018 Undergraduate Timeline

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2018 Alumni Orientation Video

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Resuming, Reactivating, or
Updating a Former HCEC Record

Resuming or


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A Complete HCEC Registrant File Includes:
ItemDescriptionMore Information
Health Careers Reflection Journal
A private, personal working document which is not sent to the HCEC Health Careers Reflection Journal
Background Information Form (BIF) Provides the HCEC with a comprehensive summary of your preparation for medical school beyond your academic training 2018 BIF Instructions
Personal Statement (PS) Demonstrates the applicant’s ability to reflect on his/her life with perspective and to communicate well in a written format 2018 PS Instructions
MD/PhD Statement For MD/PhD applicants only, a statement regarding the registrant's research 2018 MD/PhD Statement Instructions
Current Photo Not more than one year old, delivered to Cornell DropBox
Follow instructions in the HCEC Online Checklist
Registration Agreement Form (RAF) Signed, original, paper RAF must be submitted to the HCEC 2018 Registration Agreement Form (RAF)
Remittance of Fee Check or money order made payable to
"Cornell University - HCEC" (Undergrads may pay by bursar)
See checklist or contact the HCEC for fee info
Cornell Transcripts Retrieved by the HCEC  
External Transcripts Registrant arranges delivery to HCEC Follow instructions in the HCEC Online Checklist
2-3 Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) Submitted directly to the HCEC and included in the HCEC Committee Packet 2018 LoR Guidelines and FERPA Intent Form and Letters of Recommendation webpage
Completion of HCEC Checklist Serves as a registration resource and guide for completion of HCEC requirements Follow instructions in the HCEC Online Checklist
Proof of AMCAS (or AACOMAS, AADSAS) Submission PDF of submitted AMCAS, AACOMAS, AADSAS, etc. application emailed to the HCEC Follow instructions in the HCEC Online Checklist