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How is the MCAT scored?

Four section scores are reported. Scores range from l (low) to 15 for Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences. The Writing Sample is reported on a scale from J (lowest) to T (highest). Total scores range from 3 to 45.

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How are the scores reported?

All medical schools that are members of AMCAS (American Medical College Application Service) receive released MCAT scores automatically. Students may use the online MCAT THx System System to request to have their scores sent to non-AMCAS schools.

In addition, students have the option of requesting that scores be released to the Health Careers Program, 103 Barnes Hall. For statistical purposes, it is very helpful to the advising service to have scores released to the program. Individual scores are kept confidential and are not placed in the Health Careers Evaluation Committee file.

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How often can one take the MCAT?

The answer to this question is based on the fact that the medical schools know your complete MCAT Testing History. Usually admissions officers report that if they have more than one set of scores they look at all scores. Therefore, it is not advisable to take the MCAT for practice in the way that high school students take the PSAT before the SAT. You need to prepare fully beforehand and to take the test ONCE. An individual may take the exam three times per year and may only be registered for one test at a time.

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Should I retake the MCAT?

If you take the test a second time, test designers and admissions officers expect improvement because you now have “test familiarity.” In order to impress them, scores must improve substantially. The national and Cornell-specific data on MCAT repeaters is available in the Career Library in MCAT Scores. The national data is also on the web. By looking at these materials, you can draw conclusions about the probability of improving scores. A health careers advisor can help with further exploration of your specific situation.

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What are the oldest scores considered?

The oldest MCAT score that each school is willing to consider is listed in Medical School Admission Requirements in the entry for each school. Usually it is up to two or three years, but this varies.

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