Cornell University

Public Service

Jobs in nonprofit and government organizations (the public sector) are as varied as in business (the private sector). There are also many types and sizes of employers. Consider that:

  • 10% of Americans workers are in nonprofits and 18% work in government.
  • 20% of graduating Cornell seniors take public sector positions.

Employers include hospitals, museums, city and county agencies, arts & cultural organizations, research centers, think tanks, labor unions, environmental organizations, colleges, and much more.

Positions include almost everything you would find in business, including jobs in marketing, finance, management, public relations, health, education, and legal work.

This section will enable you to learn more about these opportunities by showing you how to access both web-based and print information. It will help in your quest for internships, full-time jobs, volunteer roles, career fairs, fellowships, and graduate programs.

Note: To receive e-mail notifications regarding events and opportunities in nonprofit and government, be sure to complete your CCNet Student Profile; under "Career Services Desired," select "Government Careers Information" and/or "Nonprofit Careers Information."