Cornell University

Accepting or Declining Offers

Accepting an Offer

As soon as you decide to accept a job offer, you should contact the employer with a brief acceptance letter to express your pleasure at receiving the offer and your enthusiasm for joining the organization.

This letter should prove to the employer that the decision to hire you is the right one, and it should reflect the qualities you plan to bring to your new job.

  • Confirm the terms and conditions of your employment, including salary, start date, benefits, etc.
  • Request a written confirmation of the detailed offer if you have not received one.

Declining an Offer

When you decide to accept one of several job offers, inform any potential employer(s) immediately that you have decided to take another position. Pave the way for future opportunities with the employer(s) and networking with individuals you met there through a cordial decline letter.

  • Thank the employer for the offer and for the opportunity to interview.
  • State that you have decided to decline the offer after careful consideration of your current interests and goals.