Cornell University

Letters of Application

As the name suggests, the letters of application or specific job response is used to express interest in a particular position that you have seen advertised or have identified through networking. It is more personal and focused than a general letter of inquiry because you already know the details of the job and the qualities the employer is seeking. You should outline how you meet or exceed the requirements for the position. Draw upon your past experiences and achievements to demonstrate how you can contribute and thrive at the organization. Make it clear how your skills, interests, and experience make you a perfect fit for that particular opportunity.

The primary purpose of this type of letter is to motivate employers to read your resume and decide to interview you. You will use it to demonstrate your writing skills, professionalism, and courtesy. In addition, the letter gives you the opportunity to reveal your personality and enthusiasm for the position, organization, and field.

Write to a prospective employer in response to a specific job you have seen advertised or have identified through networking.

  • Keep in mind that the primary purpose of cover letters and resumes sent to employers is to obtain interviews.
  • Motivate employers through a well-written cover letter to read your resume and learn more about you.