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When considering applying for jobs in the U.S., we highly recommend meeting with an advisor at International Services, Office of Global Learning to determine your visa requirements for your internship or full-time job after graduation. Also, download handouts for 1) US job search resources and 2) US job-search curriculum that outlines 10 steps you can take to look for a job in the U.S. 

US Employment Visa 101 (CPT, OPT, H1B, O-1, L-1)

The School of Hotel Administration, SC Johnson College of Business created the following five videos to help you better understand US employment Visa options. For more information, please contact ISSO.

Online Databases: H-1B Visa Information

There are several online databases that provide information about the employers sponsoring H-1B visas for international talents.

  •, the largest online portal for foreign workers seeking employment opportunities in United States, provides its annual reports for H1B Visa sponsorships. You can track the sponsorship trends by employers, industry, job title, and occupations. 
  • GoinGlobal also has an H1B visa resource, helping you identify employers historically hired international talent based on occupation, job title, company name, and industry (Since this feature requires a subscription, you must log in with a Cornell IP address in order to use the JGSM account).
  • Cornell Handshake allows you to find which employers sponsor work authorization for international students through advanced search.

Employer Search Resources

It is important to understand the fit between your professional goals and employers that interest you. Once you identify your target employer hiring international talent, use the following resources to assess the fit.

  • Uniworld has a list of companies that have branches both the U.S. and abroad.
  • Hoover's is another database that allows you to search by industry, location, and other keywords—and you can also find competitors for a company. 
  • Glassdoor allows you to review company reputation, salary, and interview questions.
  • provides employer rankings.

Internship/Job Search Resources

The following job search resources may help you start to search internship or job opportunities in the U.S. You can find more job search resources from the CCS Link Library

  • Cornell Handshake allows you to find job and internship postings targeted for Cornell students as well as on-campus interview opportunities! Additionally, you can find employer contacts, alumni mentor contacts, and campus career events (e.g., career fairs).
  • Jobs in China? Join Global University China Career Union (GUCCU) Job Portal! Cornell Career Services has joined GUCCU that provides a job portal for Cornell students who consider working in China. Job descriptions written in Chinese usually indicate that employers are looking to hire Chinese Cornell students while job descriptions in English are often open to all Cornell students. 
  • Student Job and Intern Service is a place that you can find on-campus internship or part-time opportunities. Such opportunities are exclusively for the use of Cornell students (both undergraduate and graduate students) and is maintained by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment.
  • and enable you to search millions of job or internship opportunities from thousands of websites, job boards, newspapers, social networks, company career pages, and professional associations. You can identify jobs of interest by keyword, location, job title, and company name. You can also find internship or job opportunities in other countries in addition to the U.S.
  • GoinGlobal is a great place for international internship or job opportunities. In addition the job listings, this site also provides  country and city-specific employment/career guides, which are all developed by local employment experts (Since this feature requires a subscription, you must log in with a Cornell IP address in order to use the JGSM account).
  • is the world's largest student-focused internship site and provides a wide range internship opportunities. 

Other Career Resources

  • The Vault Guides also are a comprehensive source of career information.
  • EnglishLanguageSupportOffice(ELSO) offers writing and speaking support to international graduate and professional students. 
  • Office of Global Learning’s Visas After Graduation helps you better understand how to gain the appropriate work authorization in the US after graduation.
  • Go to MediaLibrary to check previous workshops and events offered by CCS. 
  • Visit UN Volunteers and VolunteerMatch to explore volunteering opportunities to build your skills and experience.
  • Visit the Graduate Students page for additional information if you are a graduate student.
  • See the Exploring Options page for additional information.