Cornell University

Identifying Opportunities

There are a number of resources to assist you in searching for opportunities by region of the world, organization, or career area: for links to these resources, visit the Resources section of this website.

Job, Internship, and Volunteer Postings and Programs

Some international opportunities can be found in databases and directories. For example, Cornell Handshake contains international internships and job postings, as well as contact information for recruiters that you could contact for information about international opportunities. The GlobalEdge International Internship Directory through Michigan State University facilitates internship searches by organization type, location, and subject, and the University of Michigan's International Center provides information on a range of international opportunities for students. You can also search for jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities in this document of resources compiled by Career Services staff.

International Organizations

In some cases, you may need to identify international organizations and then consult their webpage or speak with individuals working at that organization to find opportunities of interest. Two helpful resources include the Global Resource Directory, which gives information about international and trade-related organizations, and Uniworld, which contains information about U.S. companies that have branches abroad.


There are additional approaches you can take for identifying international opportunities. You can conduct LinkedIn searches (e.g. type into Google “LinkedIn France intern”) to find organizations, programs, or postings. You can also identify individuals that have done internships, volunteering, or work abroad and contact them for advice and feedback on their experience. If you search through the Career Services’ Library Catalog, you can find books on international opportunities, ranging from careers to volunteering, and The Vault Guides have information on and careers in investment banking, consulting, investment management, and private equity in both Europe and Asia Pacific, as well as government agency careers.