Cornell University

Timetable for Internships

Please note that this is a very general suggested is never too late or too early to start your summer job search! Make sure, though, that you learn about deadlines for different programs to make sure this is realistic.

Fall Semester

  • Assess your interests; know your skills; set realistic job goals; and develop a plan of action. Attend cover letter and job search workshops offered by the Cornell Career Services and the college career offices.
  • Prepare a broad resume.
  • Attend job fairs and career symposiums to make employer contacts and conduct informational interviews, and to pick up information about the organization.
  • Research employers; set up informational interviews during your breaks.
  • Explore externship opportunities for winter break (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) or for spring break (freshmen).
  • Start applying for summer opportunities. Prepare versions of your resume targeted to the specific positions.
  • Attend an Internship Panel to hear current information and advice from staff and student panelists.

Fall Break, Thanksgiving, and Winter Break

  • Identify and research local employers while home during the break.
  • Network with family, friends, relatives, RAs/TAs, former teachers, and coaches; get the word out that you are looking for summer opportunities.
  • Consider using your academic year Work-Study allocation to help you find a job with an eligible employer over Winter Break. Contact Student Employment Services, in 203 Day Hall, for required paperwork. Completed paperwork is due December 1.
  • Develop Your Own (DYO) Summer Internship electronic applications should be available by early spring semester.

Spring Semester

  • Review the Fall Semester items listed above.
  • Continue to check the job listings on the career website, preferably twice a jobs and internships are listed daily throughout the semester.
  • Consider using the Develop Your Own (DYO) or Blumenthal Summer Internship program.
  • Apply for summer jobs or internships.
  • After submitting an application, cover letter, and resume, call the employer to be sure your materials arrived, allowing sufficient time for applications to get to their destinations before calling; ask if the employer needs any further information from you.
  • Schedule interviews over spring break or whenever you can arrange to meet with the employer; most employers will want to meet with you before offering you a position.
  • Always send a thank you letter after each interview.... this is not only a courtesy, but will confirm your sincere interest in the position!