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What kind of jobs are employers recruiting for?

Most of the employers who come to Cornell are recruiting students for permanent positions, but there are some interview schedules designed specifically for summer employment.

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Why won't the system let me submit my resume?

Some possible reasons are:

  • You have not completed the online tutorial
  • Your graduation date does not match what the employer is seeking
  • Your employment status does not match the employer's requirements (e.g., work authorization)
  • The employer is seeking a different level or field of education
  • The resume submission deadline has passed

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Where is my interview being held?

After you have chosen a time slot, go into "What I have signed up for", there is a field called "Room/Location", which will indicate the location of the interview. 

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What is a pre-select and alternate?

Pre-select - You are the employer's first choice for the interview. The employer selects the same number of pre-selects as time slots on the interview schedule. You have first access to the schedule, however on the pre-determined, posted date, alternates will be able to access the schedule as well. Once alternates have access to the schedule, time slots are filled on a first come, first served basis.

Alternate - You are selected by the employer to fill any time slots left open by pre-selects. Alternates can access the schedule the last few days that it is open. The specific access date is viewable on the CCNet system.

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Can I change my interview time to another time slot?

Select Your Active Applications under the "Applications" tab on the navigation bar. Click on the Details … link for the desired application. On the Application Details page, under Employer Decision, click on "Choose a Different Interview Slot". On the Interview Sign Up page, find the schedule date you would like to sign up for and select the Time radio button associated with the time slot you desire. Click Save and your slot is reserved.

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Do I need a resume?

Resumes are not required and we encourage you to attend even if you don't have your resume complete. If you are actively seeking a position, it is to your benefit to bring a supply of resumes to the Career Fair. Don't be discouraged, though, if the employer representatives refer you to the organization's online resume submission system. More and more employers are requesting electronic resumes rather than collecting paper ones at the fairs.

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