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Learning About Information Sessions

These events present a prime opportunity to meet informally with employer representatives and learn about career opportunities. Information Sessions can be found on the Cornell Handshake system's "Events" feature.

Why Employers Conduct Information Sessions

  • To promote their organization and employment opportunities to students. Sessions may be conducted several weeks prior to the on-campus recruiting date and before students submit interview requests, or they are held the night before the campus recruitment date.
  • To meet with students already on their interview schedules. General interest topics are addressed in a group setting so that interviews can be more individually focused.

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Who Can Attend

  • Many employers welcome any and all interested students.
  • Students who are on the employer's interview schedule are expected to attend, and may even be required to attend.
  • Students who applied to the company through the Cornell Handshake system, but did not secure an interview, have an additional opportunity to meet employers, and possibly arrange an interview.

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How to Find Out About Sessions

  • Times and locations of these events are posted on the Cornell Handshake system. Students can search/view presentation information, by using the "Events" tab on the main menu.
  • Check with the career office affiliate with the employer's recruiting visit. Check for updates!
  • Some employers announce sessions in the Cornell Daily Sun.

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What to Expect

  • Sessions may run two or three hours in length.
  • Presentation may address an employer's products or services, career opportunities, business culture, and facility sites. A question and answer period typically follows. 
  • Time is allotted for individual or small group interactions.
  • Refreshments and snacks may be served.

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How to Dress

  • Professional modes of dress are appropriate for sessions hosted by banking, advertising, or consulting firms, or for those conducted in formal settings such as the Statler Hotel or the Johnson Museum.
  • Business casual dress in good taste is suggested for sessions conducted in seminar rooms, lounges, or classrooms of academic buildings.

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How to Get the Most from Information Sessions

  • Read the employer's literature to establish a base for asking intelligent and specific questions.
  • Bring copies of your resume and make yourself know to the interview team.
  • Have pen and paper available for notes.
  • Obtain a business card for follow-up.
  • If unable to secure an interview, follow-up with a resume and cover letter a few days later to show continued interest.

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