Cornell University

Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a Cornell student, you are eligible to take part in recruiting arranged by staff in Barnes Hall and college career offices. On-campus recruiting is a privilege that carries with it certain expectations for your conduct. To reinforce appropriate use of the on-campus recruiting program, we have adopted policies so that we can best serve you and the employers visiting campus. Refer to Student Rights and Responsibilties for expectations and dates for responding to job offers made by employers.

Why Have Recruiting Policies?

Employers commit time and resources by traveling to Ithaca to interview Cornell students. We need to assure that their experiences at Cornell are positive, so that they will want to continue recruiting here. You should realize that if you misrepresent yourself or otherwise use the system carelessly, you will damage your own reputation, adversely affect other Cornell students, and waste the time of employers.

Your Responsibilities

Before interviewing, you should thoroughly research the organization and the position requirements. While most Cornell students seriously research their interviews, we do hear from employers that some students come to the interview unprepared and unfocused.

It is especially important that if you must cancel any interviews you have scheduled that you give enough advance notice that the slots can be filled by those on the waiting list. Failure to appear for a scheduled interview or giving insufficient cancellation notice are serious breaches of professional ethics, for which there are specific consequences.

Reneging on offers; falsifying personal, work experience, or academic information; or approaching employers directly on the day of the interview with an interview request may result in forfeiture of your right to participate in on-campus recruiting. Check with the staff in the office where you are interviewing to learn about acceptable procedures to seek same-day interviews.