Cornell University


We manage our on-campus recruiting through the Cornell Handshake system. Cornell Handshake gives you 24-hour, online access to job postings and recruiting information. In order to use Handshake you'll need to complete a "Student Profile," following the specific directions below.

Instructions for Registering with Cornell Handshake

  1. Click on the Cornell Handshake login at the right side of this page, or at the top of the CCS homepage.
  2. Review and agree to the “On-Campus Recruiting Policy."
  3. You are required to enter your Net ID and Password (SSO) authentication to gain access to Handshake.
  4. You will now be prompted to complete a “Student Profile” by filling in information to pre-set questions. It is important to complete all the information accurately. (Note: Your profile can be viewed by employers if you allow them too.)

Using the Cornell Handshake System

Once you have registered you can upload different versions of your resume by using the “Applications” link on the main menu.

You can view the listed job descriptions of organizations that will be visiting campus and submit your resume and cover letter to those you are interested in and for which you meet the qualifications.

You can also view a listing of presentations/info sessions that are being held by employers by viewing “Events” link on the menu.

You can access and keep track of your status by reviewing the "Applications" section located in the Cornell Handshake system. This segment will provide you with a listing of the organizations you have applied to, and your status for each position.

Tips and Hints

  • Remember that your login information is case-sensitive.
  • If the Cornell server goes down you can access the Cornell Handshake system by going to
  • Check the system regularly to see if you have been chosen as a preselect or alternate. Employers do not always notify students of their status.
  • Make sure to read the employer description and directions carefully, as many times they direct you to complete an on-line application or other form(s) to be submitted via the employer site or on Cornell Handshake system.
  •  If you have any questions regarding on-campus recruiting you should contact a career services office for assistance. 

How Do I Upload My Transcript?

Employers may ask you to submit your transcript as part of the screening process. To do this:

  1. Log into the Student Center.
  2. In the Academics section, select “My Academics... Request Official Transcript.”
  3. Submit a request to have your transcript sent to yourself via email.
  4. Select the “Official Electronic Transcript” option and follow the prompts.
  5. After you receive your transcript, rename it, log into Cornell Handshake and upload, and then submit it as instructed.

Note: Falsifying any information you submit for on-campus recruiting is grounds for disqualification from access to Cornell University services, including on-campus recruiting. Additionally, companies have called us to let us know that offers were rescinded because of false documentation.