Cornell University

Program Specifics

Eligibility: Fully matriculated undergraduate and graduate students from across the university are eligible to apply. Special students who are visiting Cornell for a semester or a year but not earning a Cornell degree are NOT eligible for this program. Students are required to complete their assigned connection prior to graduation. First-Year students in their first semester at Cornell are not eligible to participate in the Alumni Connections Program.

Sponsor Fields and Locations: Connection opportunities are available in numerous career fields and geographic locations around the U.S. Some international connections are available.

Expenses: Students are responsible for all expenses related to job shadowing opportunities, including airfare/travel, taxis, hotel, meals, background check, medical testing, etc. Students do not receive academic credit from Cornell nor pay from the sponsor. Evaluate the potential costs and benefits before you apply.

Availability: The Alumni Connections Program is available year-round. Connections are not limited to school breaks. Sponsors have the opportunity to choose the times of the year they want to host. 

Length: The length of each job shadow opportunity is specified by the sponsor and cannot be lengthened or shortened; students must be able to commit to the length indicated. Informational interviews may be 30 minutes to two hours over the phone, Skype, or in-person (coffee or lunch meeting).

Cancellation Policy: Students who cancel opportunities without extraordinary circumstances and adequate notice to the sponsor or Career Services will not be allowed to participate in future alumni programs in subsequent years.

Insurance Coverage: Cornell does not provide liability insurance for all participants in the Cornell Alumni Connections Program; a limited liability policy, however, is purchased for students participating in opportunities with sponsors offering shadowing (1 day or longer) at a medical facility.

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