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OADI’s Lunch Method Series Features Networking Tips

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Heather Fortenberry of Cornell Career Services discusses the career development cycle during a November 27 networking info session for students at the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives.

By Greg Foster

ITHACA—If it’s Tuesday at the Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI), students are probably gathering for lunch and learning how to make the most of their Cornell experience. November 27 held to form as Heather Fortenberry, a Career Development Specialist with Cornell Career Services, engaged students in a networking info session. 

The event was organized by Gabrielle Smith, who works with OADI and serves as Advisor, New York State Opportunity Programs and Pre Professional Programs. “OADI hosts a weekly Tuesday Lunch Engagement as a way to engage and inform students,” offered Smith. OADI’s aim is to “bring in speakers to build awareness of various resources, programs, and initiatives happening around campus that can support their academic success, civic engagement, professional development, and well-being,” Smith said.

Specifically, Fortenberry’s presentation was part of OADI’s Tuesday Lunch Method Series, which focuses exclusively on topics related to career and professional development. Her message to Cornell students in attendance and those engaging in networking opportunities: “Be Curious. The best advice I was given—that I often share with the students I meet—is to be curious. What do you want to know about a person, a company, an experience? Your individual curiosity is unique to you and will make those interactions genuine.”

While this OADI Lunch Method networking session wasn’t recorded, students are encouraged to check out Fortenberry’s “Exploring Careers Through Networking” presentation, which captures many of the key insights shared with students attending the OADI session and will be offered multiple times throughout the spring semester.

More information about networking and other career development resources available to students and alumni can be found at the Cornell Career Services website. Readers interested in learning more about OADI can find information about their programs, services, and resources here

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