Cornell University


Prepared by:

Kris DeLuca-Beach
Former Director, Human Ecology Career Services

Christine Schelhas-Miller
Formerly Assistant Director, Arts and Sciences Career Services

With contributions from:  

Jeff Haugaard
Associate Professor, Human Development

Mark Lenzenweger
Formerly Associate Professor, Human Development Presentation on October 5, 1994, entitled "Graduate Training in Clinical Psychology: Is it for You?"

Kristi Lockhart
Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Carol Maxwell Miller
Senior Lecturer, Psychology

Ritch Savin-Williams
Professor, Human Development

Cornell Human Development Department

Cornell Psychology Department

Members of panel presentation on October 27, 1994, entitled "Clinical and Counseling Careers in Psychology: What Degree Do You Need?":

  • Ellen Johnson DeLara, M.S.W.
  • Cristen Haltom, Ph.D., Experimental Psychopathology
  • Jeff Haugaard, Ph.D., Clinical Psychology
  • Eric Mendelson, Ph.D., Counseling Psychology
  • Jill Tripp, M.A., School Psychology; Ph.D., Developmental Psychology

Mental Health Association of Tompkins County