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You will want to attend a program accredited by the American Psychological Association

(APA). Graduate Study in Psychology, published by the APA, provides the most comprehensive information about different programs. It gives profiles of programs in the United States and Canada, including the theoretical orientation of the department, characteristics of students, how it weighs admissions criteria, the number of applications and acceptances, and financial assistance offered.

After reading a school's profile in Graduate Study in Psychology, you should obtain and read the school's catalogue. In addition, visiting the school and speaking to current students and faculty members should provide you with information on the following variables that you should consider when selecting programs.

  1. Does the theoretical orientation of the school match your own theoretical interests? For example, is it behavioral? cognitive? psychodynamic?
  2. Is the location and quality of life appealing?
  3. Do the current research interests of faculty match your own?
  4. What is the funding situation?
  5. Does the program's balance on the research/clinical dimension match your own interests?
  6. What is the quality of the research facilities and laboratories?
  7. What is the quality of the clinical facilities? Where do you see patients? Where are the clinical supervisors?