Cornell University

"Gap" or "Bridge" Year

Well over a third of Cornell students apply to medical school at the end of the senior year and have a year to work, study, volunteer, or do some other activity before starting medical school. And dozens apply as alumni after they have been out of college for a year or more. These applicants are at no disadvantage in the medical admissions process. In fact, the experience during that interim year or two contributes to a stronger and ultimately successful application.

Health professional schools look quite favorably on "non-traditional" applicants. These students tend to add a wide range of life experiences and greater maturity to the medical school student body.

Profiles of Cornell graduates who delayed application to medical school provide insight into how to use a gap year.

Do a keyword search of the Career Library's holdings to find gap year opportunities. Some key words to use in your search: gap year health, gap year teaching, and gap year national service.

Link to information and resources to locate jobs and internships for a gap year under Getting Experience.