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Kinds of Causes

If you have an interest in a particular issue or cause, you can probably find many organizations whose goals match your interest. Nonprofits are frequently associated with issues, e.g., environmental advocacy. Governments, local through national level, also work for the public good and address many of the same issues. You may want to consider some of the career areas represented in these sectors. They include:

  • arts and culture
  • civil rights
  • community development
  • education
  • entertainment
  • environment
  • financial institutions
  • foundations
  • health care
  • housing and the homeless
  • international aid
  • law enforcement
  • legal services
  • media
  • museums and libraries
  • parks and recreation
  • religion
  • research

For further information visit Search “organizations” or “jobs” by “area of focus.”

For similar local, state, or federal government information, identify websites and books by doing a key word search of the Career Library in 103 Barnes Hall. Search by key word combinations such as "federal government careers" or "local government websites".