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Winter Break and Career Development

Aaahhh . . . Winter break. Time to exhale, slow down, and reflect on the highlights of Fall semester at Cornell. Read more

Did You Know?

Each year, over 400 career workshops and events are held on campus.

Welcome, Students

No matter what your career plans are or where you are in your career development, there's something here for you. Across Cornell Career Services, we help students through the career development process: understanding your strengths, interests, and values; exploring the career options ahead of you; and taking action through developing job-search skills, and applying to graduate and professional school. We encourage you to become familiar with the wealth of career assistance available.

Career Wheel

Career offices in the seven undergraduate colleges provide services tailored to the academic and career goals of students in the colleges. In Barnes Hall we offer counseling and programs open to all students—undergraduates as well as graduate students—to complement those in the college offices.

It's important for us to be able to notify you of events and opportunities that may interest you. Please take a few minutes to register with Cornell Handshake, the information system we use to manage correspondence with you as well on-campus recruiting, job postings, and contact with alumni mentors.