Cornell University

Funding Process and Forms


  • Once approved, the sponsoring agency will be sent a check for $4,000 to distribute to the hired student at regular intervals throughout the summer.
  • They will be required to verify the actual hours completed by the student (see Post-Internship of Blumenthal Sponsor Agency Forms below).
  • Students must follow the guidelines of the agency regarding vacation or sick time, and complete nine or ten weeks of work totaling 315 hours to receive the full stipend. The number of weeks is determined by the agencies.
  • At the end of the summer, both student and sponsoring agency will complete evaluations of the internship.
  • The sponsoring agency will submit time sheets and proof of payments made to the student throughout the summer.
  • Once these documents are received, the student will receive the remaining $725 of the stipend through their bursar account.


Please do not begin the student or sponsor agency application process until the student hire has been confirmed by the sponsoring agency with our office!

Directions: Both student and sponsoring agency will need to click on their respective link below and complete all of the forms listed in their checklist. The link for each party will also allow both student and sponsoring agency to track each other's submitted forms and check on the status of the application.

Blumenthal Student Forms

Blumenthal Sponsor Agency Forms