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Student veterans recognized for leadership potential

Student veterans Adam Klier, Ryan Kokell '19 and Piragash Swargaloganathan '19 have been selected to attend the Student Veterans of America... Read more

On-Campus Recruiting

The on-campus recruiting program offers currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to interview on campus for summer internships and positions following graduation. We use a program called Cornell Handshake, Jobs and Internships, to manage recruiting activities.

Employers from diverse industries visit our campus every year. Organizations covering the fields of nonprofit, government, education, financial/banking, consulting, consumer products, hospitality, engineering, human resources, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, scientific, and environmental typically come to campus. They are seeking students who can offer abilities beyond academic success—such as interpersonal and leadership skills, a strong work ethic, teamwork and initiative, flexibility, analytical skills, basic computer literacy, and strong communication skills.

On-campus recruiting occurs in the fall, from approximately the first week of October until the first week of December, and in the spring, from the first week of February through April. Students must complete a required tutorial to gain eligibility to participate in on-campus recruiting. Students should check with their college career office to learn more about recruiting activities specific to the college.

This program offers only one avenue for finding a position following graduation, as only about 20% of students find jobs through this tool. While a diverse group of organizations do visit campus, they are only a small sampling of potential employers with job opportunities. Career Services strongly advises students to pursue a strategic job search that includes other job-search tools in conjunction with on-campus recruiting.

Be sure to take advantage of other services offered by the Cornell Handshake system, such as career research tool and the many resources offered through this site to identify leads in a wide range of fields. We also encourage you to meet with an advisor in your college office to discuss your career interests and strategies for conducting your job search.