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Are there connection opportunities in every state? How about internationally?

While we work hard each year to market the program to alumni in a variety of geographic locations of interest to students, we don’t always get all of them to participate. We do get a wide variety of career fields and specialties that are available both in the U.S. and worldwide, so there is likely something available for everyone who applies. If you can’t travel, consider applying for phone/Skype information interview opportunities in fields of interest.

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Can I apply if I am an international student?

International Students are eligible for any opportunity in the program as long as the sponsor has not indicated on the listing a special requirement for U.S. citizenship. These are not paid experience opportunities like internships, so they do not have any visa requirements.

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Can I apply if I am studying abroad?

Yes, you need to clearly articulate your expectations of the opportunity to your sponsor. If you are arranging a phone/Skype session be clear about the time difference. If you are arranging an in person meeting, be clear about when you are returing to the U.S.

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Can I get more than one opportunity?

Yes. Students are eligible to apply to two job shadowing opportunities per semester and one additional opportunity in summer. At this time, students can participate in unlimited phone interviews.

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Can I turn a shadowing experience into an information interview?

No. Alumni determine what experience options they would specifically like to offer and for a certain length of time.

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Do I have to participate in an information session and/or orientation session if I participated last year?

Information Sessions
No. Information sessions are not required, however they will continue to be offered to provide a general overview of the program.

Orientation Programs
Orientation is required for all participants. Once you've attended an orientation program you will not have to attend any future orientations to participate.

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What do requirements and preferences mean in the listing?

Requirements and preferences are stipulated by the sponsor and are meant to give you an idea of what type of student would be most successful in taking advantage of this opportunity.


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What if I don’t find an opportunity near my geographic location over break?

First of all, don’t let location restrict you! While it is true that you will have to pay for and arrange your own travel to the opportunity, you could do one of two things: 

  1. Look for locations where you might be able to do a flight stop over as you travel back to Cornell, where you could stay with a relative, or where you could stay with the family of a Cornell friend, or
  2. Apply for opportunities that are phone/Skype information interviews only. You won’t have to travel to the sponsor’s location and you can still learn a lot about their organization, career field, and gain their advice!

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